SCA invites nominations for 'Pioneer of Singapore Cricket'

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  • 15 Nov 2016

SCA invites nominations for 'Pioneer of Singapore Cricket'

Sport Singapore is putting together a list of “Pioneers of Singapore Sports” and we seek everyone’shelp.

Sport Singapore wants to invite the Pioneers to an appreciation event to be held sometime in September at the SportsHub.

We want to be as inclusive as possible and we seek your assistance in tracing the “Pioneers” of our sport, CRICKET!!!

You may use the following guidelines in making your list.

(i) Your Pioneers could have been competitive Athletes; Officials; Coaches

(ii) The above categories of Pioneers would beabove 65 years of age in 2014

(iii)Singapore Citizens or PRs

Please use all your records and contacts!

Please send your list using the attachedform.

Hope it is possible to send your returns as soon as possible or by 11thJune

Appreciate all the help you can give us

Download NSA Pioneer.xlsx

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