Singapore Umpires on the up - ACC/SCA LEVEL 1 UMPIRING COURSE 2014

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  • 15 Nov 2016


Course dates: 14-17 November 2014.

Venue: Indian Association/Kallang.

ACC Resource person: Mr. Bomi Jamula

SCA Resource persons: Sarika Prasad

The course started off with course objectives and logistics by Sarika. Bomi then spoke to the participants about the pathway, importance of the course from the ACC perspective. The participants then introduced themselves. Bomi then started off the Course discussing about the role of the umpire, MCC Laws and their importance in relation to the Spirit of the game. Hand outs relating to the course were distributed to all.

During the afternoon the participants were taken through some field craft where the following were explained and demonstrated.

  1. Pitch area/markings.
  2. Creases and their markings.
  3. Protected area.
  4. Positioning of Umpires(Bowler’s end & Strikers end)
  5. Field Technique (Getting into position for Run out’s , Movements, etc.)
  6. Practical explanation of No balls

The sessions were interactive with the questions and answers thrown in while interpreting the various laws. The course was presented with Power point presentations, Audio/Video visuals and in depth explanations.

On the second day the discussions on the MCC Laws continued. Bomi shared his umpiring experiences and highlighted a few incidents that he had come across. He also gave valuable advice to the umpires on communication between Players and umpires and to what the players and what they expect from the umpires. Sarika took the participants through a few laws and also shared his experiences of being an ICC panel umpire for the past few years and how challenging it is to sustain there. 

On the third day, the discussions on the laws was completed by 2pm after which there was a Q & A session. The procedure for the written exam was explained. The exam consisting of 50 multiple choice questions was held from 4pm onwards. At the end of the day Singapore umpiring fraternity hosted a dinner for Bomi and also as a farewell to Jagan a long serving umpire who was returning back to India. Bomi spoke briefly thanking the ACC, SCA for inviting him to do the course and how much he had enjoyed the course. Bomi was presented with a memento from the SCA umpires as a token of gratitude.

On the last day the umpires were taken through a practical assessment exam at Kallang where they had to umpire a match. They were divided into pairs with each pair umpiring 4 overs each. 

Mr. Mahmood Gaznavi Dy.  President, SCA spoke to the participants highlighting the key points that SCA was looking from the ACC Level 1 umpires. He also thanked Bomi for the course lectures and presentations.

Putcha Ravi Kumar spoke on behalf of the participants explaining how much they had benefited from the course and thanked the course presenters for their in depth explanations. 

Certificate of participation were presented to all the participants by Mr. Gaznavi.

The SCA wishes to thank the following: ACC for having the level 1 course here. With this course Singapore CA can boast of a healthy supply of level 1 Umpires who can then gain an opportunity for the ACC Level 2 courses. The course participants, course presenters, members of the SCA Umpiring Committee who had worked tirelessly to put this course together, and the Indian Association for providing their facilities for this course.

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